Who Is This For?

The Sales Leadership Academy is designed specifically for sales managers and leaders interested in expanding their skills to improve their results.

It’s for leaders who:

  • Manage a sales team that has upside potential in the market.
  • Aren’t getting enough personal coaching attention now.
  • Want to be more influential inside their companies
  • Are interested in self-education to expand their potential

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What You'll Get

Here's an example of each month's content:

  • Personal Development Video

    Personal Development Video

    These videos expand your comfort zone and challenge you to execute your leadership skills in innovative ways.

  • Leadership Coaching Video

    Leadership Coaching Video

    These videos will focus specifically on training you to instruct, inspire, and influence your team like never before.

  • Leadership Expert Interview

    Leadership Expert Interview

    Learn from sales leaders or leadership experts who have put the Caskey ideas to practice and seen incredible results.

  • Downloadable Tools

    Downloadable Tools

    These worksheets will help you take the lessons you learn back to your team so that they can reap the rewards of your coaching.

  • A Million Dollar Idea

    A Million Dollar Idea

    A specific challenge each month will encourage you to implement new ideas that will bring exponential growth for your team.

  • Online Forum

    Online Forum

    Every member has a place to go to swap ideas and get questions answered by Bill and other community members.

What You’ll Learn In The Academy

  • How To Craft and Deliver a Compelling Message That Compels Prospect Action
  • How To Teach Your Team To Sell A Premium Product (no more lowering of price and margin)
  • How To Run an Inspirational Sales Meeting
  • How to Build Self Confidence In Your Team To Help Them Better Prepare for Market Pressure.
  • How To Guarantee Team Success By Creating a “Success Instrument” That Lays Out What It Takes To Be Massively Successful In Your Business. 
  • How To Develop Your Own Leadership Cadence To Maximize Your Time and Effort
  • How To Coach Your Team To Build a Simple But Comprehensive Target Account Tool
  • How To Build a Personal Business Plan – so that your people become more self-managed.
  • How To Teach Your People To Call at Higher Levels Inside The Organization
  • How to Modernize Your Sales Force for 21st Century Competition
  • The Inner Game of Great Leadership (how to change your thinking and change your results)
  • How to Exert Personal Influence Inside Your Company
  • How to Create “Exceptional Conditions” for Achievement (great cultures are about great conditions).

  • “The Sales Leadership Academy offers a different mindset. It stresses to not be so concerned with my sales quota, but how to develop other people’s salesmanship and sales processes. It really moves the paradigm from being self-centered to team-centered.”
    Donald M.
    - Knoxville, TN
  • "I’ve known Bill for 20 years, the results I’ve gotten from working with him have been nothing short of incredible, but I’ll be the first to tell you: this training will take commitment from you. Bill provided me with all the right tools, but it was up to me to implement them."
    Chris W.
    - Indianapolis, IN

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Still Have Questions?

Here’s a list of the most common questions we get:

1. Is the Academy only for current sales leaders?

No. Of course, if you’re in sales management now, it will be a perfect fit. But let’s suppose you have your eyes set on a sales management role. Then, the Academy will be a perfect way for you to improve both your leadership skills and personal productivity. We’ve seen people who have gotten the promotion early just because they took the initiative to build their own skills.

2. What will a typical month in the Academy look like?

Each month, you will get two videos, each about 12-15 minutes. One video will help you improve your skills. And the other will be for you to train your sales team. There will be exercises, documents, templates and PDFs. Plus, each month, you’ll get exclusive access to an expert interview with someone who we deem has great wisdom for leaders.

3. Why should I enroll in the Academy rather than hire 1:1 leadership coaching?

We are never against hiring coaches. (We are coaches). But some people don’t have budgets for coaching and rarely will a coach be able to provide you training for your sales team. We believe that’s what differentiates you from other leaders is your requirement to continue to work on your team’s competencies. And the Academy does that.

4. How will this program help my salespeople improve their skills?

We believe in the 80/20 Principle which states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. And the 12 sales modules that we’ve created will speak to 80-90% of what your people need to propel them forward. Oh, just so you know...we’ve been training sales teams for 26 years so we’ve seen what works and what’s needed. And we include ONLY that content. You’re getting the ‘best of the best.’ And the best part is that your competitors won’t ever see this.

5. How does the money back guarantee work?

We want you to be thrilled with each interaction you have with the Academy. But we know things change. So, if you get into the program and it doesn’t feel right or other circumstances come up, you can exit at any time. Just let us know and we’ll credit you for the month you’re currently in.


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